Carolina Darias announces measures to redistribute the work of the Immigration Offices

This was stated during the Senate control session held today and in response to the question posed by the senator of the Republican-Basque Country group Herria Bildu, Ana María Surra.

In this regard and, in view of the "high workload" of certain Immigration Offices and with the aim of "also identifying" areas of improvement "that achieve" increase the management capacity "of the same, the Minister of Territorial Policy and Public Function has detailed that, currently, its department is developing a consultancy with which to "identify areas for improvement"; a work that, in parallel, "guides us in the measures to be adopted in relation to the reorganization of the information service and the strengthening of the processing of authorizations, the promotion of electronic notification and the electronic file".

Along these same lines, the minister has announced the launch of a "pilot experience", thanks to which files will be derived from the Immigration Offices with greater administrative burden to "less congested" offices. As Darias explained, this is a formula that is already used in other areas of the General State Administration.

"It is about taking advantage of the possibilities offered by the digital administration to optimize the resources available," said the minister, who has made it clear at all times that "improving the services required by migrants is a task of the Government as a whole , hence the action of all the ministerial departments involved to achieve it. "

The head of Territorial Policy and Public Function has also advanced the signing of a new agreement with the General Council of Advocacy, which would be added to those already signed with those of Social Graduates and Administrative Managers, in order to continue expanding the weight of Electronic Administration

Implementation of the telematic route through the 'Mercury' platform

The Minister of Territorial Policy and Public Function has assured that the Government of Spain "respects the rights of migrants" and, in addition, "works so that, in the exercise of these rights, access to public services of all those people who may need them. "

In this regard, he has underlined the "significant workload" of the procedures carried out in the immigration offices of the different subdelegations of the Government, while emphasizing the measures and analyzes that have been carried out held in this regard in recent times "to respond to the most frequent demands."

In this context, it has advanced the intention of the Ministry to implement the use of the telematic route for the formalization of the previous appointment; One of the most demanding procedures.

As Darias has detailed, it is about "avoiding the massive presence of people in the offices", as well as "the possible fraudulent use" through the 'Mercury' platform, through which various procedures such as requests for renewal of authorizations, as well as authorizations for long-term residence, permanent residence and extensions of stay authorizations, "without the need for the citizen to go to the Aliens Office"; something that, he pointed out, allows "a more agile processing of these procedures".

Likewise, the Minister of Territorial Policy and Public Function recalled that the Ministry has recently incorporated two new types of procedures, corresponding to initial authorizations, such as the stay for studies -in July 2019- and the residence for regrouping family -in January 2020-.

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