02-14-2021 | Cs

The president of Cs, Inés Arrimadas, calls for the participation of constitutional voters and assures that "if we go to the polls we can change everything"

"The change can only come from a massive participation of constitutionalism." This is what the Citizen (Cs) candidate for the presidency of the Generalitat, Carlos Carrizosa, has said after exercising his right to vote in Barcelona. Carrizosa has insisted on the importance of having a good turnout in the regional elections held today because "it is essential for democracy."

"Constitutionalism has to mobilize if we want to open a new stage in Catalonia of coexistence, change and focus on the real problems of the Catalans", the candidate of the liberal formation has affirmed. That is why he has demanded that the vast majority of the population help to form a Parliament that resembles Catalan society as closely as possible, which, as he has said, "is diverse and eager to move forward."

The candidate of Cs who has thanked the work of all those who make this election day possible and has stressed that all health security measures are taken, therefore he has stated that "voting is safe."

Carrizosa went to the polls accompanied by the president of the party, Inés Arrimadas, who also thanked the work of all those who "make possible the challenge of voting in these strange circumstances", in reference to the pandemic.

Arrimadas has insisted that participation is the data that can change everything: “If there is not broad participation, those who always speak on behalf of all of Catalonia will speak more on behalf of all of Catalonia and will act even worse in a supposed name of all of Catalonia ", has warned. And he has called on constitutional voters to "achieve a result that is as close as possible to the general feeling of our society, a plural and diverse society." "If we go to the polls to exercise our right to vote, we can change everything," he concluded.

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