21-01-2021 | Cs

The Cs candidate asks for the resignation of Minister Solé because "a person convicted of helping in an illegal procedure cannot continue to pilot legal elections in Catalonia"

ANDhe head of the opposition and candidate of Ciudadanos (Cs) for the presidency of the Generalitat, Carlos Carrizosa, he has criticized the "Botched decree" of the Government to postpone the elections, After the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) has decided to keep the elections on F14, and has demanded that the Catalan executive "give alternatives to the resolution" of the court to celebrate 30M. Has said it to the media after visiting the Nylstar sanitary material factory in Blanes where he added that "if the postponement of the elections is not validated it is because the Government has not made a resolution with legal quality." "That he contact the Central Electoral Board (JEC) and that they ask how to make a valid decree to ensure that it is not the 14F" he said.

The Cs candidate has also called for the resignation of the Minister of Foreign Action, Bernat Solé, because "someone convicted of helping in an illegal procedure and for not respecting the law cannot continue to pilot legal elections in Catalonia." Carrizosa has explained that after the TSJC has condemned Solé for a crime of disobedience and has disqualified him for collaborating in 1-O when he was mayor of Agramunt, his formation has asked for the urgent appearance of the vice president with the functions of president, Pere Aragonès "to explain who is going to replace him in the management of the elections."

Finally, the orange candidate has asked for "transparency in the vaccination protocols" against Covid and a "consensus between the parties to remove the political positions that are vaccinated by skipping the protocols" as did the Minister of Health in the Region of Murcia, socialist mayors of Valencia and the mayor of JxCat de Riudoms. "The rulers must be exemplary", "they must respect the laws and, if not, they must resign" he has sentenced.

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