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The head of the opposition in Catalonia recalls in Hospitalet that ‘three years ago, here and in other cities, many Catalans applauded the King's speech because he defended them against those who wanted a flat

"Ciudadanos will go to win the elections to end so many years of procés." This was expressed by the president of the Citizens (Cs) parliamentary group and head of the opposition in Catalonia, Carlos Carrizosa, who added that “once the date is formalized, we will try to present ourselves with a coalition of constitutionalist forces, there is room for reach agreements ”.

The head of the opposition in Catalonia took the opportunity to recall that three years ago, as a result of the King's speech, “here and in other cities there were many Catalans who applauded the King's speech, because he defended them against those who wanted to trample on their rights and your nationality". Carrizosa recalled that “in this neighborhood the balconies were filled with applause and shouts of long live the king because he defended that majority of citizens who feel Catalan and Spanish, who consider that there is a King and that he is suffering attacks by populists and independentistas ”.

The president of the Cs parliamentary group has explained that this morning he has spoken with the president of the Parliament, Roger Torrent, and that he has informed him that “his announcement of the elections for February 14 is unilateral, while we are willing to explore other formulas ”. In this sense, Carrizosa wants "to unblock this situation, but in consensus with all other political forces, without delaying the date of February 14 and through a formula other than the unilateral one of dissolving the parliament proposed by Torrent."

Finally, Carrizosa has assured that talks are being held with the PSC and the PP to "present ourselves in the elections with a union of constitutional parties, both formations have their reluctance, but it must be achieved." "Our will is clear, to achieve the consensus of all constitutional forces," he concluded.

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