03-02-2021 | Cs

The candidate of Cs proposes a reduction in taxes, less bureaucracy, reform the administration and help the self-employed to boost Catalan companies

"The vocation of Cs is to help companies so that the business fabric survives and we do not find people down". This was said by the head of the opposition and Citizen (Cs) candidate for the presidency of the Generalitat, Carlos Carrizosa, at a conference organized by Foment del Treball. Carrizosa has pointed out that "the economic decline" in which Catalonia has fallen "must be stopped" with 7,000 companies that have left since the 'procés' started "according to the commercial register. He pointed out that "Catalonia has the tradition and power of the business community" and that is why it is necessary to "shelve the‘ procés ’" in the next elections with "a constitutionalist government that will park it and talk about what interests us all."

The orange candidate has presented the orange proposals to promote Catalan companies that would include "a reduction in taxes that favors the competitiveness of companies", such as lowering personal income tax, that of property transfers or suppressing that of inheritance "to have taxation fairer for our economy ”. He also explained the need for less bureaucracy and greater legal certainty "while also reforming the Catalan administration prior to an audit of spending." Finally, he recalled the need for direct aid for the self-employed and a plan for the hotel industry, because "if there are restrictive measures, there must always be aid."

Carrizosa has remarked that "if we do not help companies live, we will face a much darker future" and has pointed out that, in the context of the pandemic, "if we manage to preserve the lives of the self-employed and companies, we will be able to go back in the future and recover the levels of wealth ”more easily.

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