03-02-2021 | Cs

The orange candidate affirms that Cs' will make health a priority 'by investing more money than now' is spent on beach bars, subsidies and propaganda 'and will create' a vaccination highway

"Either we continue in the mess and the lack of management of the current government or we change to a constitutionalist government with Cs." This has been said by the head of the opposition and candidate of Ciudadanos (Cs) for the presidency of the Generalitat, Carlos Carrizosa, in the meeting for health where the vice president of Castilla y León, Francisco Igea, the Cs MEP, participated, José Ramón Bauzá, the deputy and head of the list for Lleida, Jorge Soler, and the candidate number 3 for Lleida, Heydi Hernández.

Carrizosa has pointed out that "the guarantee of change" in Catalonia comes from the hand "of a government chaired by Cs" because changing a separatist government for a tripartite one "is more of the same because it would be ERC". The orange candidate has asked for the vote for Cs stating that "it is a party that is not linked to a judicial agenda", and has recalled that the PP "is under the judicial agenda of the new roles of Bárcenas, the PSC in the case of Núria Marín, We can go down in the Neurona case and Junts has his candidate, Laura Borràs, charged ”.

Carrizosa has stated that "Cs will make health a priority" by investing more money than now "is spent on beach bars, subsidies and propaganda." "We will reverse the waste of the‘ procés and invest in health, "he has sentenced and added that he will create" a vaccination highway "to accelerate the current process by training more health personnel to vaccinate. He has also announced an extraordinary pay for all sanitation workers, including cleaning staff and orderlies "because they all deserve the recognition."

On the other hand, the Cs MEP, José Ramón Bauzá, has valued the importance of pharmacists during the pandemic and also the role of Europe in the centralized purchase of medical supplies or vaccines, but has regretted that the measures of the government of Spain "were not taken for epidemiological reasons but for interested political positions." The vice president of Castilla y León, Francisco Igea recalled that Cs's attitude during the pandemic “has always been to reach out” to the government, as has been demonstrated with the states of alarm or the General State Budgets.

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