11-09-2020 | Cs

The head of the opposition sends his support to all Catalans who today 'will live with concern the concentrations called by the ANC irresponsibly in the middle of the pandemic'

"I want to claim a Diada for all Catalans and reach out to moderate forces so that we can recover the brotherhood between Catalans." This has been said by the head of the opposition in Catalonia and president of the Citizens (Cs) group in Parliament, Carlos Carrizosa, in an institutional statement on the occasion of the 2020 Diada. Carrizosa recalled that “we have been seeing how the Diada has for years stopped representing all Catalans to represent only separatism and politicians who have broken Catalan society "and has claimed a holiday" for all. "

The head of the opposition has pointed out that "most of the population feels helpless because of the little responsibility that people are showing in front of the Government" and recalled that "when Torra arrived at the Generalitat he already made it clear that he did not come to manage an Autonomous Community and has complied with it ”. "Instead of dedicating himself to protecting families or the self-employed, he has dedicated himself to threatening to disobey the courts again once he is permanently disqualified," he lamented.

Carrizosa has also sent a message of support to all Catalans who today “will live with concern the concentrations called irresponsibly in the middle of the pandemic” because “while health restrictions are imposed on Catalans, the ANC is allowed to summon tens of thousands of people despite to which the sanitary experts have advised against it ”. "I want to send my support to the Catalans concerned because in the midst of the contagions they see the Government as a source of problems," he lamented and ended by asking "to recover our ties with the rest of Spain and the hope of building a better future for our parents, children and for those who will come ”.

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