12-12-2020 | Cs

The vice president of the Community of Madrid, Ignacio Aguado, asks that Cs come to the government of Catalonia to 'end nationalist governments that stain Catalan society with tension'

"If I am president of the Generalitat I am committed to pushing for the single health card to be implemented." This is what the leader of the opposition in Catalonia and president of the Citizens (Cs) group in Parliament, Carlos Carrizosa, has said, when explaining the proposal for a single health card for all of Spain that Cs has managed to get the government to implement. Carrizosa has been accompanied by the vice president of the Community of Madrid, Ignacio Aguado, the president of the municipal group of Cs in the Barcelona City Council, Luz Guilarte and the deputy of Cs in the Parliament, Jorge Soler.

Carrizosa has pointed out that "for Cs it is extremely important that all citizens have access to health on equal terms" and that is why "we started this commitment from the government." "While nationalism pacts other types of issues that do not affect people's daily lives, we achieved the commitment of the single universal card", he pointed out and pointed out that "although the nationalists are very angry about approving all Spaniards and to be equal because they prefer to have privileges, for us we are all equal ”.

The opposition leader has also commented that "two days after learning of the very serious case of corruption" that affects the mayor of L'Hospitalet, president of the Barcelona Provincial Council and president of the PSC, Núria Marín, the leader of the Socialists Catalans, Miquel Iceta "has not said anything yet and keep looking the other way." "We must remember that corruption not only affects the nationalist world," he pointed out and stated that "the PSC and Iceta have to do something because in times of pandemic people want their politicians to be honest."

On the other hand, the vice-president of Madrid, Ignacio Aguado, has affirmed that Cs governs "it is a turning point", as has happened in Madrid, Andalusia or Murcia, and has asked that Cs come to the government of Catalonia to "end monolithic governments and nationalists that stain Catalan society with tension ”. "The pandemic has been a reality check for those who prioritize identity," he explained and pointed out that "nationalist thoughts no longer trickle because it is not understood that the Catalan language or the Catalan NASA prevails over health". "We will defeat nationalism, we have a unique opportunity to do so, and I have no doubt that Carrizosa is the best candidate," he concluded.

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