12-15-2020 | Cs

The opposition leader sends around 160 copies of the Constitution to municipalities in Catalonia so that 'no more disobediences are committed in 2021'

"If Iceta continues to do nothing about the case of Nuria Marín, it will be an accomplice of corruption in Catalonia." This is what the leader of the opposition and president of the group of Citizens (Cs) in Catalonia, Carlos Carrizosa, said to the media. Carrizosa recalled that "the PSC has already suffered several cases of corruption in the metropolitan area" and has pointed out that the secretary general of the PSC, Miquel Iceta, "continues to remain on the sidelines" of the case of alleged corruption of the president of the PSC, Mayor of l'Hospitalet de Llobregat and president of the Barcelona Provincial Council, Nuria Marín.

Carrizosa has pointed out that Iceta's absence in the full monograph on corruption has been "clamorous" and that "it shows that he is avoiding all kinds of responsibility and that the necessary measures are not being taken." "We have already been five days of absolute silence from Iceta," he lamented and pointed out that the fact that Marín has made his position available to the party is "a contempt for the citizens" because that would not be to assume responsibilities in any of the positions audiences that he holds, only in those of his party. "It is as if it is not considered worthy to represent the PSC, but worthy to be mayor or president of the Diputación", has sentenced.

The head of the opposition has made these assertions before sending copies of the Constitution by mail to around 160 municipalities in Catalonia governed by pro-independence parties. Together with the deputy of Cs, Nacho Martín Blanco, and the president of the municipal group of Cs in the Barcelona City Council, Luz Guilarte, Carrizosa explained that this initiative is aimed at ensuring that in municipalities with separatist governments “no more disobediences are committed in 2021 ”and when“ the neutrality of public buildings has not been respected or there has been an active collaboration in the commission of illegalities ”.

"Our Constitution is one of the most open and guaranteeing of democratic countries", he pointed out and pointed out that the text "guarantees equality between people." Finally, Carrizosa recalled that mayors and presidents, whether or not they are separatists, "are equal in freedoms and rights to any other citizen", and that what the Constitution does not guarantee "is that they are above the laws to achieve their political objectives ”.

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