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The candidate of Cs to the Generalitat demands neutrality during the electoral period and announces that Cs has presented a complaint to the JEC because several buildings of the Generalitat council show

"Illa has the same project as Iceta, the one of the PSC that made two tripartites and now will do the third." This was said by the head of the opposition and Citizens (Cs) candidate for the presidency of the Generalitat, Carlos Carrizosa, at a press conference after handing out orange cards to Cs affiliates at the Barcelona headquarters. Carrizosa has pointed out that Cs, unlike the PSC, "would only make pacts with constitutionalism to terminate the 'procés'" and pointed out that constitutionalist citizens in Catalonia "deserve the moderation, good sense and management" that it offers Cs against the current "separatist and populist" government.

Carrizosa has also pointed out that with the constant increase in COVID infections and with the vaccination campaign progressing slower than expected, "we cannot have a part-time Minister of Health, Salvador Illa," who is more pending "to resolve the problems of his party ”. He pointed out that the situation of the also socialist candidate "is a lack of responsibility that should be turned around with a government with moderate parties and that think about the citizens."

On the other hand, the orange candidate has demanded neutrality during the electoral period and has announced that Cs has presented a complaint to the Central Electoral Board (JEC) because several buildings of the Generalitat council show partisan symbolism. "Buildings of Interior, Agriculture, Exteriors or Territory show partisan symbolism and this must be withdrawn," he pointed out and recalled that the former president, Quim Torra, "was disqualified for not respecting democracy during the electoral period", the result of a complaint from Cs for the same reason.

Carrizosa has affirmed that "it is illegal to display star flags, banners or yellow ribbons in public buildings because they belong to everyone" and has asked that "populist separatism respect those spaces." "Already in the past electoral campaigns, it was Cs who defended the legality in Catalonia, since the government of Spain did not do so," he regretted and recalled that the orange party has also brought these complaints at the local level in those municipalities where the municipalities They also show partisan symbols such as Figueres, Palamós, Castelló d'Empúries or Sarrià de Ter.

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