01-14-2021 | Cs

The candidate of Cs affirms that "in Catalonia we have to recover the union" and achieve a government "without corruption and that really invests in health, education and social services"

"It's not about saving elections, it's about saving lives”. This was said by the head of the opposition and Citizen (Cs) candidate for the presidency of the Generalitat, Carlos Carrizosa, when participating in a video-meeting organized by Europa Press. Carrizosa has regretted that the PSC “be the only party that defends maintaining the elections at all costs"And points out that"if the socialists appointed the head of health in this country as a candidate, Salvador Illa, now that cannot condition the life and health of Catalan voters”. He has remarked that the PSC “has to bear the consequences of having appointed a candidate who is also minister of health"And remember that"cannot collide their interest in the candidate with public health”.

The orange candidate has pointed out that “for Cs, elections cannot be held where politicians campaign while citizens are falling ill or entering hospitals"Due to the third wave of the covid and has indicated that it is a question"of the respect that all society deserves”. "If there can be up to 200,000 people confined, as the Síndic de Greuges pointed out yesterday, and people afraid to vote, that can mean a very high abstention", He explained and remarked that"citizens have the right to vote with confidence”. "Faced with an unknown situation like the one we are facing, the rule of law has mechanisms to preserve the right to vote”, Has sentenced.

Carrizosa has also stated that “in Catalonia we have to recover the union between all Catalans"And get a government"without corruption and really invest in health, education and social services”Because it is what affects all citizens. "All Catalans suffer equally from unemployment queues or waiting lists, and this is what we want to solve”, He explained and asked“talk about what unites us and not what divides us”. Finally, he remarked that “the vote of Cs will not swell separatism, which cannot be said with the PSC"And has stated that they propose"remain the leaders of constitutionalism”In Catalonia.

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