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The head of the opposition denounces the lack of health resources, equipment for the mentally handicapped and aid for the self-employed in Cornellà

"It is a shame that, on the International Day against Corruption, they present a proposal to request immunity for those who used public money not for social purposes but for the 'procés'". This has been said by the head of the opposition and president of Ciudadanos (Cs) in the Parliament, Carlos Carrizosa, after the pro-independence parties have registered a Proposal for Resolution (PR) in the Parliament that asks Congress to approve a law of amnesty even for crimes of corruption such as embezzlement and when, precisely, the full corruption requested by Cs is held next week in the Catalan chamber.

Carrizosa considers that it is a "mockery of the Catalans" that these parties defend the impunity of the corrupt "to pay for their farmhouses and their parties" and makes it ugly that "the party of Puigdemont is appointing as a candidate a woman investigated and indicted" for prevarication , embezzlement, administrative fraud and documentary falsification, as is the case of the former Minister of Culture, Laura Borràs.

The head of the opposition in Catalonia has also denounced the lack of health resources, equipment for the mentally disabled and aid for the self-employed in Cornellà, after meeting with residents, entities and merchants of the municipality. He has warned of the lack of investment by the Government in health, which causes that, in the middle of the pandemic, "the center's outpatient clinic is collapsed" and of the lack of sheltered apartments or residences in Baix Llobregat for young people with mental disabilities who are tutored by parents aged. Carrizosa has also criticized that "the Generalitat has failed the self-employed who try to survive" while when Cs negotiated the General State Budgets (PGE) asked for the 550,000 Catalan self-employed about "1,500 million euros to lost fund", such and as it is done in Germany.

Finally, on the controversy over the participation of the vice president of the Parliament, Josep Costa, in a meeting with the extreme right, Carrizosa has stated that "it is a fight of ultra-nationalists" and although he does not believe that Costa should resign, he has said that "JxCat It is no longer a party, but a platform commanded by Puigdemont that should be dissolved "because" it is made up of the most radical of the independentista world.

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