12-23-2020 | Cs

The head of the Opposition and candidate of Cs for the 14F elections meets in Palamós with the sectors most affected by the Covid

"Merchants, hoteliers, restaurateurs, live a nightmare before Christmas due to the concealed bolt of the Government." This is what the head of the Opposition in Catalonia and Cs candidate for the regional elections of 14F, Carlos Carrizosa, has affirmed after meeting in Palamós with representatives of the sectors most affected by the Covid-19 crisis due to the restrictive measures implemented by the Government.

"Nobody understands that they have done so badly because economically it is ruinous and healthily it does not make sense," said Carrizosa, referring to the entry into force this week of the measure that only allows restaurateurs to open for a few hours a day to serve breakfast and meals. "This joins the perimeter closure of the Ripollès and Cerdanya regions, announced at night and treacherously and that it will ruin these two regions that live off the ski season," he added.

The candidate of the liberal formation has warned that "improvisation, lurching and negligence of the Government" can lead to legal claims with millionaire compensation that "we could end up paying all Catalans." And he has criticized the Catalan executive for "living disconnected from reality" since, he added, "is more pending to propose amnesties and pardons for politicians who hit democracy or fighting among themselves than to manage the needs of the Catalans ”.

In an appearance before the media, accompanied by the deputies for Girona and the councilor of Palamós, Carrizosa has also criticized the Government of Sánchez for being "absent and hiding behind the autonomies" when unpopular measures have to be announced. Faced with this situation, Carrizosa has announced that his party has presented a contingency plan for the self-employed and merchants that includes aid of 1,200 euros for the payment of rents and basic supplies to businesses with interrupted activity, € 4,000 to businesses with suspended activity or 2,000 euros for each self-employed or SME that has seen their income fall by half.

Finally, Carrizosa has opted for "sheltering the‘ procés ’, which has divided us and made us lose opportunities" "In February 2021 we have the opportunity to solve it if we mobilize," he concluded.

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