12-14-2020 | Cs

The leader of the opposition criticizes that the pro-independence parties reward 'radicalism and disobedience' when drawing up the electoral lists

"No more days can pass without Iceta saying something and showing that the PSC does not hide corruption when it affects his party." This is what the head of the opposition in Catalonia and president of the Parliamentary group of Citizens (Cs), Carlos Carrizosa, has claimed from the secretary general of the Catalan socialists after the mayor of l'Hospitalet, president of the Diputación de Barcelona and the PSC, was arrested and released for an alleged case of corruption in its town hall. Carrizosa has criticized Iceta "keeping silent" as it has already happened in other cases of alleged corruption in socialist municipalities such as Sabadell, Santa Coloma de Gramenet or Sant Adrià de Besòs.

In statements to the media before the l’Hospitalet town hall, the leader of Cs has claimed that “corruption does not normalize”, which he has described as a “scourge that has affected Catalonia since the time of Jordi Pujol and 3%”. For this reason, Carrizosa explained that his party has promoted the celebration of a full monograph so that "politicians apologize, apologize in Parliament and recognize that there is something to do in cases of corruption." The head of the opposition recalled that in his party "imputation means resignation from the charge charged" for which he has urged the political forces to "not keep silent, show that we are ashamed and put solutions."

"In Catalonia, they close their eyes to corruption and mismanagement", lamented the leader of Cs, who has accused the pro-independence parties of rewarding "radicalism and disobedience" when preparing the electoral lists, in reference to the appointments of Laura Borràs o Joan Canadell as candidates of Junts per Catalunya for the next regional elections or of the Regional Minister, Bernat Solé, tried today for disobedience 1-O before the TSJC, as number 2 on the ERC list for Lleida.

Finally, Carrizosa has celebrated the request of the Public Prosecutor's Office for 3 years in prison for the person who attacked a woman who was removing yellow ties in the Ciutadella Park in Barcelona: "We celebrate that the judicial response is to pursue this type of conduct" has stated. And he has regretted that at the time this aggression due to political ideology did not deserve the condemnation of the separatist parties or the mayor of Barcelona.

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