01-15-2021 | Cs

The Cs candidate criticizes the 'denialist speech' of the PSC pandemic that 'has been left alone' in his proposal

"We are satisfied because we have rendered a service to society, to the health and physical integrity of the Catalans." This is what the head of the opposition and Citizen (Cs) candidate for the presidency of the Generalitat, Carlos Carrizosa, has said, after the meeting between the parties and the Government has decided to postpone the Catalan elections to May 30.

Carrizosa has assured that it was an "aberration" to hold an election with the current and planned health circumstances and that it was not viable "a campaign with crowded ICUs, people dying, with members of the polling stations not vaccinated" and with "people with fear of go to the polls ”. "Common sense has prevailed," he stated and pointed out that "we did not want to argue for two weeks up or two weeks down."

The Cs candidate has criticized the "denialist discourse" of the PSC pandemic that "has been left alone" in his proposal and has been the only party that has disagreed. In addition, he has recognized that "we do not like to maintain this Government for three more months in the Generalitat" and, therefore, Cs will ask "for extreme control" in the Permanent Council.

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