06-25-2019 | Cs

The spokesman celebrates: 'Cs has neutralized a new attempt to get Catalonia back into the loop of the declarations of Independence' by stopping an ILP on this issue at the Parlament's table

"Saying 'no' to Sánchez is not right-wing, nor does it have political color, we promised it in the campaign and 4 million people voted for us." This has been said by the spokesman of Citizens (Cs) in the Parliament, Carlos Carrizosa, commenting on the political news. He recalled that the PSOE "has not only agreed with the nationalists in Catalonia, but also in the Basque Country, Navarre, the Balearic Islands and Valencia," among which there are "those who call us tared beasts or have struck a blow to democracy", in reference to the Catalan independence parties.

Carrizosa has said that the socialists "are dedicated to making policies to satisfy the separatists" and has considered "incredible that the Sanchez government has agreed to transfer the political prisoners" after knowing "the favorable treatment they had previously." "It is regrettable that the government has not demanded guarantees that the imprisoned politicians will have the same treatment as the rest of the inmates," he said and sentenced saying that "there can be no prisoners with pedigree, the next will be the pardons."

The spokesman has celebrated that "Cs has neutralized a new attempt to put Catalonia back in the loop of the declarations of Independence" by stopping a Popular Legislative Initiative (ILP) on the issue at the table of the Parliament. "The law was intended to implant the imaginary republic," he said and pointed out that "all these attempts generate political and legal instability and impoverish us." He added that "the haemorrhage of business leaks will not stop or that those who have left will return" but he reminded that "Cs will continue to be the dam against separatism".

Finally, the orange deputy has announced that in the next plenary session of the Parliament that begins tomorrow, Cs will present its law of free textbooks so that the next course "is the last where families have to make an effort to pay the books to their children. " He has also presented two motions, one on the political course of Catalonia that seeks, among other things, "to condemn the aggressions and insults against public officials that were seen in Catalonia during the constitution of the town halls" and another on the labor situation of the Mossos .

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