04-02-2020 | Cs

The deputy José María Cano explains that the budgets presented by the Government 'are not good because they do not fix the problems of the Catalans'

"Telling the truths cannot mean that Torrent takes the floor from the main opposition group." This has been said by the head of the opposition and president of the group of Citizens (Cs) in the Parliament, Carlos Carrizosa, when announcing an appeal before the Constitutional Court (TC) on the arbitrariness with which the president of the Parliament, Roger Torrent, He treated the leader of Cs in Catalonia, Lorena Roldán, in the past full. Carrizosa recalled that "Torrent censored Roldán for saying something that was true, that Torra criminalized and is a criminal" and has pointed out that "while this happens the separatist parties can accuse the state of repression or the judges of prevailing without being called to order".

The opposition chief has indicated that “we will not allow some to act as owners of the farmhouse and say what they can or cannot talk about” and for that reason they have represented an appeal before the TC, which has recalled that “it has already given us the reason six times. ” "We understand that Roldán's freedom of expression has been violated and his equal treatment as a deputy," Carrizosa said, adding that "we will not allow our rights to be violated."

On the other hand, the orange deputy José María Cano, explained that the budgets presented by the Government of the Generalitat "are not good accounts because they do not fix the problems of the Catalans" and has warned that the budgets "present cuts that the Common They are hiding. ” "What these budgets carry are an increase in senior positions," he criticized and pointed out "that they have preferred more charges to improve health or education."

Cano has also lamented that "the whole proposal is based on tax increases, without any savings" and has criticized that "always resort to the pocket of the Catalans." "We are still in the phase of cuts when the citizens are having a bad time," he added and noted that "there will be budgets that help the economy." "They will continue to maintain their beach bars and customer networks instead of allocating them to social policies," he concluded.

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