07-23-2020 | Cs

The head of the opposition announces that the orange party will present a request for an opinion to the CGE on the rent containment law as it is "an illegal law that is doomed to failure"

"The Govern has to stop worrying about things that do not have to do with the pandemic and start managing." This has been said by the head of the opposition in Catalonia and president of the group of Citizens (Cs) in the Parliament, Carlos Carrizosa, when assessing the current political situation. Carrizosa regretted the "absolute incapacity of the Government, which is neither expected nor expected to face the outbreaks in Catalonia" and noted that "yesterday it was a shame to see Quim Torra talking about a new referendum or laundering the JxCAT deputy, Laura Borràs, instead of dealing with things that have to do with the pandemic. "

On the other hand, the head of the opposition has announced that the orange party will present a request for an opinion to the Consell de Garanties Estatutàries (CGE) on the Income Containment Law presented by the Commons for being “an illegal law that is doomed to failure. " Carrizosa explained that the law "is a copy and paste of the law that they already presented in 2019 just before the elections" and that they are now presenting it again "because there is a pre-electoral scenario." In addition, he explained that it is a "deception" since the previous law was already described as unconstitutional by the CGE and has pointed out that doing this is "deceiving the most vulnerable."

"The law is doomed to failure because we do not have the powers," he added, adding that "it is scandalous because Podemos governs in Spain and it is there that measures on housing should be taken." Carrizosa has also remarked that Cs' solution to the problem of rental prices "is to expand the land and public housing", measures "that have worked in other countries and are not demagogic" unlike those presented by the Commons.

To conclude, the head of the opposition has pointed out that from Cs "we respect the judicial resolutions", on the Supreme Court's pronouncement on the semi-freedom of Carme Forcadell, and has remarked that "when speaking of privileges for the prisoners of the 'procés' We are talking about a comparative grievance with the rest of the prison population. ” "We want the same treatment to be applied equally to everyone, whether they have political friends or not," Carrizosa said.

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