12-22-2020 | Cs

The head of the opposition warns for the 14F that "the PSC prepares a tripartite" and assures that Cs is the "sensible alternative" that will "shelve the‘ procés ’"

"It has been a legislature to forget where the Government has left the workers stranded, while asking for amnesty for those who embezzled public funds." This has been said by the head of the opposition in Catalonia and president of the Citizens (Cs) group in the Parliament, Carlos Carrizosa, at the last press conference in the Catalan chamber after the dissolution of the Parliament and has added that, while from the Govern are still "lost in battles", from Cs "we have promoted plenary sessions such as reconstruction or health."

Carrizosa recalled that the triumph of Cs in the elections of December 21, 2017 "led to the feet of separatism in Parliament in all its illegal initiatives" and has been proud that thanks to his party "the previous president, mr. Torra, has been disqualified "because" he does not respect the laws or democracy. "

The head of the opposition has alerted to the 14F that "the PSC is preparing a tripartite" and has assured that Cs is the "sensible alternative" that will "shelve the‘ procés ’" and will get the Catalans out of the crisis. Carrizosa has said that "we are going to do our job and, if necessary, we will do Iceta's" since "he does not come out to comment on corruption" or the sentences of the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) in relation to Spanish in the schools. Carrizosa has defended the "reformist, liberal and center" program of the orange party "where all people have a place, they feel more Catalan than Spanish or more Spanish than Catalan." Finally, he asked "that the ballot boxes be filled with constitutional votes" to support the reconstruction of Catalonia.

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