27-08-2020 | Cs

The head of the opposition in Catalonia wonders 'how many infected do we have to have for the Government to put aside its nationalist agenda and accept the help of the Army'

"The Government has to advise against the 90 concentrations that the ANC intends for the Diada because there are 90 possible points of contagion". This has been expressed by the president of the parliamentary group of Citizens (Cs) and head of the opposition in Catalonia, Carlos Carrizosa, during the telematic press conference that he has offered and in which he has assured that "Cs will ask for the permits of those 90 demonstrations, we want it to be a legally innocuous call and, if they do not meet the required health requirements and the public health of the protesters and the rest of the Catalans is endangered, we will demand political responsibilities"

The head of the opposition in Catalonia has regretted that, while infections continue to rise, "he The Government continues to lurch, without coordinating with the Government and nudging each other among the partners themselves and on top of that it is allowed to reject the help of two thousand Army trackers ”. For Carrizosa, "The Government stumbles twice on the same stone, it has already rejected the help of the UME to clean the residences and now it rejects trackers, how many thousands more infected do we have to have for the Government to put aside its nationalist agenda and accept the help from the Army?

Regarding the proposal of a constitutionalist coalition together with the PSC and the PP in the face of elections in Catalonia, Carrizosa has insisted that "It is about serving citizens who do not want their future to depend on Junqueras and Puigdemont, we must stop thinking about the acronyms themselves and work on that great project." The opposition leader has assured that "We must find management solutions for everyone, a huge challenge that should push us towards constitutionalism to unite and be able to turn the page to 'procés'.

On the other hand, and regarding the recent cases of illegally occupied homes, Carrizosa has assured that Cs has proposed amendments to the law “To prevent squatters from escaping through legal holes to the detriment of owners who see their homes occupied”. In this sense, the president of the parliamentary group recalled that "We asked for a meeting with Minister Buch and he has not answered us but we will continue working and that is why we want municipal plans to be approved in the town halls so that there are specialized police and other measures to help alleviate this situation."

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