08-02-2021 | Cs

The deputy spokesperson for Cs in Congress, Edmundo Bal, defends the comprehensive anti-corruption law that "protects whistleblowers" and "toughens penalties"

"The PSC signs to agree a tripartite with ERC and accepts blackmail tables, we want to drag them to sign commitments against corruption." This has been said by the Citizen (Cs) candidate for the presidency of the Generalitat, Carlos Carrizosa, before the media in front of the Palau de la Música Catalana, accompanied by the deputy spokesperson for Cs in the Congress of Deputies, Edmundo Bal. Carrizosa has assured that the "14F we choose between a continuist model, that of separatism, or that of constitutionalism." "We do not want to continue, but to change" he added.

The candidate of Cs has presented the proposals of his party to fight against corruption, such as those of "lowering the salary of the President of the Generalitat, the councilors and senior government officials", "abolishing lifetime payments and the offices of the former presidents "and" that those accused of corruption resign. " Some proposals that he has sent by letter to the rest of the parties. Carrizosa has stated that in Cs "we are the champions in opposing corruption wherever it comes from" and has criticized that the PSC has its president, Núria Marín, accused of corruption, but that "Iceta has not said anything". He has also explained that "nationalism covers its shame with the flag" and has made reference to the JxCat candidate, Laura Borràs, "accused of cutting up contracts to a friend of hers" or the eavesdropping of the 'Voloh case' that reveals conversations between the Minister of Health, Alba Vergés, and former ERC minister, Xavier Vendrell, "to see how he got contracts."

For his part, the deputy spokesperson for Cs in Congress, Edmundo Bal, has defended the comprehensive anti-corruption law that "protects whistleblowers", "toughens penalties for corruption" and "does not want to be pardoned" Bal recalled that "what he did in the State Bar" is what he does now in Ciudadanos: "fight against corruption while the rest of the parties look the other way" because "they were interested in supporting an investiture or will approve some General State Budgets (PGE). ”The orange spokesman has criticized that the current leadership of the PP is unmarked from the Bárcenas case, and recalled that, although“ it seems that 3% is part of the past ”, now Laura Borràs, JxCat candidate, "is accused of corruption."

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