06-06-2019 | Cs

The leader of Cs in Catalonia condemns the aggressions perpetrated by the CDR to the deputy Laura Vilchez and the MEP, Jordi Cañas, and demands that the Catalan parties condemn them.

"The socialist party has not been up to the current political moment to agree with separatists and populists in Catalonia and with nationalists in the rest of Spain" This has been said by the president of the parliamentary group of Cs in the Parliament of Catalonia and member of the National Executive, Carlos Carrizosa, after yesterday the socialist party agreed with nationalist and populist forces in different Spanish city councils.

Carrizosa explained that his training has become part of 550 municipal governments, which he described as "an orange surge of change". "We are going to bring to the municipalities those proposals with which we present ourselves," he said, and has cited specific issues such as "the defense of equality from liberalism, low taxes, support for families and the self-employed and the defense of the union of all the Spaniards ".

In statements to the media, Carrizosa, has referred to the election of Ada Colau as mayor of Barcelona "Colau has been a management disaster and that we will have in the next 4 years," he lamented. And he explained that the councilors of Cs can not support a mayor who first says he is going to put the yellow ribbon on the facade of the town hall. "We do not support those who shatter the union between the Catalans, sow weeds and divide and appropriate the institutions," he added.

Finally, Carrizosa has condemned the aggressions perpetrated by CDR to the deputy Laura Vílchez, after the constitution of the city council of Sabadell, and for Jordi Cañas, attacked with yellow paint in Barcelona. "We demand the Catalan parties to condemn these aggressions" and has announced a parliamentary initiative in this regard. "We will never be silenced by these threats because we are here to defend freedom and unity," he concluded.

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