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The head of the opposition criticizes that neither the Government nor the mayor of Barcelona condemn the attacks on workers who speak to the public in Spanish

"The ruling of the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) that Spanish is the vehicular language in Catalonia shows that what Cs has always asked for is fair and legal." This has been said by the head of the opposition in Catalonia and president of the Citizens (Cs) group in the Parliament, Carlos Carrizosa, when addressing the media together with the playwright and founder of Cs, Albert Boadella, after meeting with the orange group in the Parlament.

Carrizosa explained that the ruling of the TSJC "obliges the Generalitat to give 25% of the classes in Spanish" and that "now it is not even close to teaching vehicles in Spanish." It has indicated that "while the previous sentences referred to families in particular, this has a general scope and affects all schools".

The head of the opposition recalled that the vehicularity of Castilian in Catalonia "is a political request that Cs has always made" and "shows that we asked for it was fair and legal", and has regretted that "the government of Spain has made neglect of its functions of protecting the freedom of all as the TSJC is doing ”. At the same time, he remarked that the sentence shows that "the Celaá Law has been made against the criteria of the Constitutional Court" because "the law excludes the need for Spanish to be vehicular throughout the territory."

On the other hand, Carrizosa has also lamented the "ideological climate of harassment of the dissenting party in Catalonia" and has criticized that neither the Government of the Generalitat nor the mayor of Barcelona, ​​Ada Colau, have condemned the recent attacks on workers who speak out against the public in Spanish in Catalonia. "We see harassment of people and lynchings in social networks of people who choose Castilian to express themselves", he pointed out and pointed out that they are not produced "by the fanaticism of some people but by the ideological climate sponsored by the Government."

Along the same lines, Albert Boadella has pointed out that the orange formation is "essential" in the face of the delusions of nationalist governments and has recalled that before there was a Catalonia "where plurality and common sense reigned." "Now plurality has disappeared because nationalism and democracy are two words that have problems of coexistence," he has sentenced.

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