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The head of the opposition in the Parliament assures that "the PSOE thinks of a tripartite with Podemos and ERC" after the Catalan elections

"This vaccination campaign is a success for science, Europe and all Spaniards who, with their responsibility, are proceeding to get vaccinated," said the head of the opposition, and president of Ciudadanos (Cs) in the Parliament, Carlos Carrizosa, after the delivery of toys to the Barcelona Red Cross that took place this morning, also highlighting the "inestimable service" and "pride" represented by the "solidarity of many young volunteers who sacrifice their holidays to help others".

"Today is the first day that citizens are being vaccinated in Spain, it is a moment of hope to overcome this pandemic, but for it to be a true step forward, we must all be responsible," said Carrizosa , recalling that his training "has repeatedly asked the Government for a national plan, and now with vaccinations it is necessary to agree on its administration", because "if the Autonomous Communities have been left in a campi qui pugui, now they have to count on them ”, he blurted out.

Likewise, the head of the opposition in the Parliament, has assured that "the PSOE thinks of a tripartite with Podemos and ERC" after the Catalan elections, referring to the recent statements of the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, in which "valuing the possible post-electoral pacts in Catalonia with Podemos, are beginning to show the paw ”. “The other pact that it hides is with ERC, the tripartite”, since “at the same time that Illa does this, Ábalos disqualifies the reports of the Prosecutor's Office; Iceta, who has been silent when there was corruption with ERC in the Government, or when they have agreed to the exclusion of Castilian in the Celaá Law, now disqualifies the Prosecutor's Office, which opposes pardons ", and has concluded considering that all this" undermines and erodes our rule of law ”.

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