12-12-2019 | Cs

The Chief of the Opposition tells the Vice President of the Government that Cs will continue to fight against corruption and that is why they have promoted a full monographic

"He assumed as a young man the mantras of Spain robbing us and now, as vice president of the Government, he assumes widespread corruption and the culture of cronyism." This is what the Chief of the Opposition and president of the parliamentary group of Cs, Carlos Carrizosa, told the Vice President of the Government, Pere Aragonès during the control session this morning. Carrizosa has affected the Minister to “look the other way” in the investigation of cases of alleged minor fraudulent hiring as was done during the CiU governments.

The leader of the liberal formation has reminded Aragonès of various cases such as the alleged fraud committed by the Secretary General of Sports, the investigations for the corruption and the cronyism practiced by his partner in the Government, Laura Borràs or the actions of the ERC leader , Ricard Calvo, in the Directorate General for Childcare (DGAIA).

“He has the opportunity to show that he is aware of fraud and cronyism in minor administrative contracting in Catalonia and not deny it as CiU has always done,” Carrizosa told Aragonès. And he added that from Citizens they will continue fighting against corruption and that for this reason from their group they have promoted a full monograph on this issue. "I hope he gets to work with us in the eradication of that scourge," concluded the leader of the orange formation.

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