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The candidate of Cs affirms that the separatist parties' give more the impression of being with the electoral calculator 'than not in telling the truth and explaining to the citizens' if they will be able to vote against tra

"Two days after deciding if there will be elections, the Government still does not have a plan, it is the icing on the cake." This has been said by the head of the opposition and candidate of Citizens (Cs) for the presidency of the Generalitat, Carlos Carrizosa, about the possible postponement of the election due to the situation of covid-19 in Catalonia in the Permanent Delegation of the Parliament. Carrizosa has pointed out that "the management of the pandemic has been disastrous" by the Government "due to the bolts in economic sectors that have not been based on objective data" and "the internal battles between the partners of the executive".

The orange candidate has affirmed that the separatist parties "give more the impression of being with the electoral calculator" than not in telling the truth and explaining to the citizens "if they will be able to vote calmly" and has remarked that he does not see himself " campaigning with collapsed ICUs ”. "We have to treat the Catalans as adults", he remarked and pointed out that "citizens do not forgive the gambling with their life and their health or the fact that the government stumbles twice over the same stone."

Finally, Carrizosa has regretted that the Government parties "are obsessed with getting 50% of the votes to strike again" but instead "do not think about the pending social challenges that will be devastated by the third wave of Covid" . "The Catalans not only need vaccines for this 2021, but also a new Government", has sentenced.

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