06-13-2019 | Cs

The parliamentary president of Cs criticizes that Torra threatens with 'to return to give another coup d'etat' and warns: 'It seems that it is crying out for the 155'

"They want to take Catalonia to the abyss and the most shameful thing is that there is no sentence yet, but you have already dictated it." This is how the president of the Citizens' Parliamentary Group (Cs), Carlos Carrizosa, addressed the President of the Generalitat, Quim Torra, the day after the end of the 'procés' trial. During the plenary session of the Parlament, Carrizosa criticized the President's threats to "return to another coup d'état and put Catalan society in check again", as they did on September 6 and 7, 2017 .

"You are wrong if you believe that a European democracy of the 21st century is going to be intimidated by you," Carrizosa said after Torra had "ratified" his intention to "continue with the same."

The president of Cs has asked Torra to "stop dividing, lying and poisoning Catalan society" and warned him: "It seems that he is crying out for the 155". In this sense, has charged against Pedro Sanchez, who believes that "will not do anything" before the warnings of Torra.

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