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The president of Cs in Catalonia considers that it would be 'good for all Spaniards to de-empower' the PGE

"We constitutionalists must unite to give a joint response and give way to another way of governing Catalonia." This was said by the president of the parliamentary group of Ciudadanos (Cs) and head of the opposition in Catalonia, Carlos Carrizosa, in an interview on the program 'El matí de Catalunya Ràdio', and added that “we will not stop insisting with the PSC ”since“ votes are lost due to an unfair electoral law ”that gives“ a fictitious majority of the independence movement ”. He has assured that Cs has "proposals to manage the day-to-day life of the people who suffer the consequences of the pandemic."

Carrizosa has considered that it would be "good for all Spaniards to depodemize" the General State Budgets (PGE) and that is why his party will negotiate with the Sánchez government to achieve "decisive" and "moderate" PGEs in which "people do not influence either like Rufián or Otegi ”. The orange leader has defended a "political truce to reach an agreement in times of pandemic" and recalls that "if there is a Catalan party that influences Spain, it is Ciudadanos con Inés Arrimadas." Carrizosa has said that they will talk "about everything that affects families and not about tables that call for dialogue to talk about independence." "For us it is more a blackmail table" he assured.

The president of Cs in Catalonia has also criticized "a Government that does not manage the pandemic because they are fighting among themselves" and has acknowledged that he is "ashamed that the president of the Generalitat has been sentenced for not having complied with the law" because " whoever has responsibilities must comply with the laws ”. According to the orange leader, "we are going to a collapse of the institutions and they are not willing to take the necessary steps to replace Torra." "It is the strategy of Puigdemont, escaped from justice, because for him the worse things go in Catalonia, the better for him."

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