01-12-2020 | Cs

The head of the Opposition announces that they will bring to the Prosecutor's Office the information that would prove that Borràs would have skipped the regulations for contracting computer services of the CTTI to favor a friend

"We have obtained information that would be relevant to demonstrate the fingerprints of Laura Borràs when she was director of the Institut de les Lletres Catalanes (ILLC)". This has been said by the head of the opposition in Catalonia and president of the Citizens (Cs) group in the Parliament, Carlos Carrizosa, explaining that Cs has obtained documentation that would be relevant to the legal case that the former Minister of Culture, Laura Borràs, It is open for embezzlement of public funds and documentary falsification for allegedly awarding finger contracts to a friend of his.

Carrizosa explained that "the Center for Telecommunications and Information Technologies (CTTI) is in charge of carrying out all the computer contracts of the entire Generalitat administration" and has remarked that the documents would prove that the contracts made by Borràs "were not validated by the auditor of the CTTI as it was carried out outside the established regulations ”, at which point“ Borràs contacted them to let him pay the price of the contracts to his friend ”without having gone through the CTTI. In addition, the documentation obtained by Cs, would also show "the enormous extra cost of the previous contracts compared to when they begin to be carried out through the CTTI", where for comparable services "it goes from paying € 20,000 to Borràs's friend to € 2,000 ”. "The extra cost in the price is important and it is accredited in the documents", has affirmed Carrizosa.

The head of the opposition has announced that they will take this information to the Prosecutor's Office and has regretted that in Catalonia "the causes of corruption are accumulating and, although they seem to go unnoticed, many Catalans want a real change" in Catalan politics. "I am sure that this fed up will make the Catalans mobilize so that they do not continue robbing us with the clientelistic structures that they have set up to cover themselves and their friends," he has sentenced.

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