12-14-2020 | Cs

In the plenary session on corruption proposed by Cs, the head of the opposition affirms that 'the PSC is not a guarantee of regeneration' because 'it has not been forceful' with the suspicions of corruption of Núria Marín

"We have to look for a better future because it is not written that we have to endure the corruption of political leaders." This is what the head of the opposition and president of the Citizens (Cs) group in Parliament, Carlos Carrizosa, said in the monographic debate proposed by Cs on structural, system and institutionalized corruption in Catalonia. Carrizosa has pointed out that "all the money used improperly in Catalonia is covered with the stellate" and has pointed out that "while they say that 'Spain steals from us', whoever steals from us is much closer".

Carrizosa has affirmed that, now that the legislature is over, "three years have been thrown into the garbage" because the Government "has been more aware of Waterloo and the battles to govern than of Catalonia." He has pointed out that "there are people who directly live from political bars and are living the procés" while "ordinary Catalans break their faces for being able to work." "They have made a livelihood for an extractive caste that you have been leading for a long time," Carrizosa has sentenced the Government.

The head of the opposition has also stated that "the PSC is no guarantee of regeneration" because "it has not been forceful" with the suspicions of corruption that affect the mayor of L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, Nuria Marín at the same time as " the vice president of the Government, Pere Aragonés, will end the term without giving explanations of the audios of the contractor Xavier Vendrell involved in the Voloh operation ”. "The Catalans are contemplating how the Generalitat is full of holes where they water the fields of their friends," he has sentenced and pointed out that the separatist parties "started a rupturist project in 2012 and the balance is one of frustration, unfulfilled promises, but friends lined ”.

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