06-10-2020 | Cs

Cs deputy Jorge Soler regrets that the Government 'only blames others for health management without self-criticism' and asks 'not to put ideology before the common good'

"We want more doctors and less plugged in, more hospitals and fewer beach bars." This was said by the head of the opposition and president of the Citizens (Cs) group in Parliament, Carlos Carrizosa, during the general debate on the health situation in the Catalan chamber proposed by Cs. Carrizosa has lamented that "the failure of the Government in managing the pandemic is irremediable" but "they can still benefit from the measures presented by the parties in this debate to implement them as soon as possible."

The head of the opposition recalled that the Catalan executive "has not managed effectively because he has been thinking about other things" but that at this time "the Catalans are asking for a high-mindedness and that we agree". "The Catalans do not receive the salary of 92,000 euros from Torra, but they trust that we do not put their lives at stake", has sentenced Carrizosa and added that "we must provide more resources to health and a more modern management".

On the other hand, the Cs deputy Jorge Soler has lamented that the Government "only blames the health management on others without making self-criticism" and asks "not to put ideology before the common good." Soler pointed out that "all the cuts in Catalan public health have not yet been reversed" and concluded by adding that the government "comes to Parliament to say that it invests more in health when it spends less than the budget executed the previous year."

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