29-09-2020 | Cs

The head of the opposition considers that a coalition of constitutionalist parties for the next regional elections is 'necessary'

"We want the electoral clock to start ticking in 10 days and have a government in Catalonia to manage as soon as possible." This is what the leader of Ciudadanos (Cs) in Catalonia and head of the opposition, Carlos Carrizosa, has affirmed this morning in various media before the ratification by the Supreme Court of the disqualification of Quim Torra. Carrizosa has demanded that the President of Parliament, Roger Torrent, "comply with the law" and look for a candidate for the presidency of the Generalitat.

Carrizosa recalled that in Parliament there have already been plenary sessions with candidates who did not have enough support, in relation to the former president of the Generalitat, Artur Mas and former minister Jordi Turull, for which he has demanded that Torrent respect the law and accept a candidate who despite not having sufficient support allows unlock the situation.

"Seeking interpretative formulas for what is clear in the law is strange," insisted the leader of Cs. And he recalled that the Government's law says that the president of the Parliament must present a candidate within 10 days without specifying whether or not he should have options to be invested. "The independence parties say that it is enough for the president of the Parliament to say that there is no candidate, but thus we have the danger that the independence movement will block it beyond February," he warned.

"What we want is for Catalonia not to have a period of paralysis and blockade," said the leader of the orange formation. And he recalled that he is in talks with the rest of the opposition parties to present a consensual candidacy.

Likewise, Carrizosa has described as "necessary" a coalition of constitutionalist parties for the next regional elections in Catalonia. "The independence movement seeks abstention and thus exceed 50% of the votes, that is why we think that if we can create a joint coalition it is necessary that we do so", he concluded.

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