Carvajal: "It was a final, we needed to win and we did it"

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NEWS | 07/02/2020

"In games like this, in which a goal gives you victory, it is very important to keep the goal at zero," Courtois explained.

Carvajal, one of the architects of the victory of the Real Madrid against Getafe by causing the penalty that turned Ramos, analyzed the meeting: “It has been one of the games that has cost us the most. Congratulations to Getafe because it has made a complete match and has pushed us to the limit. The goal was an elaboration action in the band and then in the one on one I was lucky and I needed it. The objective was to keep the goal at zero and we knew that we would have an occasion. It was an important match. We needed to win and we have succeeded. ”

“We had to take advantage of Barcelona's puncture against Atlético. It was a final and that's how we put it. Getafe has put us in great difficulties, especially in the first half, but we have played a serious game. We are being a block, the coach has made changes and the team has continued at the bottom of the barrel. "

Wide template

"In the last 15 minutes we have shown a large squad and we are physically well, so we have enjoyed opportunities. I think we have been superior. They have taken us to the limit and it has cost us a lot. We must enjoy it because these three points make us approach the title ”.

Advantage with the second classified

"Carrying 4 points and the goalaverage won we depend on us to win this League. The coach's message was clear after the confinement: there are 11 finals left and we are going for 33 points. That is the team's message. The basis of our success is to concede few goals. After confinement only two. We are the team with the fewest goals and following that line we know that we can get the title ”.

Carvajal: "We are the team with the fewest goals and following that line we know we can get the title."

"We have few days off but there is a very complete squad. We are more than 25 players that the coach can count on. The freshness that is not lacking. I think that winning at San Mames we get very close to the League. It is a final and so we are going to face it ”.

Penalty play

"It was an elaborate play from the middle of the field. Rodrygo it comes from face and Benzema puts it in the hole. Then, I face Olivera and I need it ”.

Courtois: "We were concentrated for 90 minutes"

“We are happy for the game against a difficult opponent who fights until the 90th minute with intensity and pressure. You have to be focused for 90 minutes and that's what we did. The important thing is that they don't take you out of the game. We know the football they do from behind. We have trained knowing what Getafe was going to do. He is a tough opponent who is sixth in the League And that's for a reason. "

Decisive stop

“Many of them went crazy with the stop. It is a ball that bounces and I had very good reflexes to get it out with my two meters high, because even though I am two meters tall I am very fast under the line ".

Zero goal

"It's the key. In games like today or like Espanyol, that you play everything and that a goal gives you the victory, it is very important to keep the goal to zero ”.

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