Carvajal: "We forgive too much in the first part"

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NEWS | 02/22/2020 | Javier Vázquez (Valencia) | PHOTOGRAPHER: Antonio Villalba

"Now it's time to go back to work and do it 100%," added Valverde.

The Real Madrid fell by the minimum in the Ciudad de Valencia stadium in a match that Carvajal He said: “We forgive too much in the first part and Morales has made us a great goal. We were not determined in the last quarter of an hour and it cost us three points. The team has gone from more to less. With the goal anxiety has come and want to reach the top in the most direct way possible and that was not the way.

“A week ago we were up and today we are below Barcelona. It's clear that you can't sleep, now it's time to think about next Wednesday's game. It is the first leg of a very tough tie, we will try to make a great game and tip the scales in our favor. We'll think about the Sunday game that comes from Wednesday. ”

Campaign hand?

“The referee knows when he has to whistle them. Sometimes he whistles them and sometimes he doesn't. It's strange, I wouldn't know what to tell you because not even the players themselves know it. We have to abide by the decisions of the arbitrator and the VAR. ”

Valverde: "We had clear occasions and we didn't specify them"

"We are sad and angry because we came to look for victory and we did not get it. We had clear chances and we did not specify them. They arrived, they scored and we left the game. When you play well and do not win you go angry, but tomorrow we return to work and we have to do it 100%. "

"Now there are two games that are a very big motivation, against strong and good teams. We have to face them very well to change this dynamic and show people that we are going for everything."

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