Casado after the negotiations of the PSOE with the heirs of ETA and ERC: “That 95% of Spaniards that Sánchez said they could not sleep with Podemos in the Government has become 100% of sleepless Spaniards knowing that he wants to agree from prison with ERC and that yesterday gave nature letter to Bildu as a negotiator ”

  • He reaches out to “that PSOE” “who was freezing blood when talking to Bildu, who rejected a government at any price with those who wanted to break Spain and those who forged the Transition and the constitutional pact”
  • Remember the words of the mother of Joseba Pagazaurtundúa and José María Múgica, “two people very dear to the socialists”, who appeal to the solitude of the dead and to maintain their dignity “because it is better to lose choices than lose the soul”
  • He points out that, given the drift with which Sánchez is negotiating the investiture, the PP cannot be complicit because "it would be lethal to Spain"
  • He insists that Sanchez has already chosen and has tried to convince the Spanish that his choice was the right one, trying to seek collaboration from the PP to try to form a government with Podemos in the vice presidency. "Something we can't accept"
  • Stresses that the PP has been left alone in the defense of the state of autonomy, against a left that "wants to open a new system to what we agreed in the Transition"
  • He criticizes the “incongruity” of the PSOE, because while they propose “territorial models with eight nations or asymmetric confederations”, they are committed to harmonize the margin that autonomies have to lower taxes
  • "The same goes for education, which runs into the centralism that socialism intends to impose to restrict the freedom of parents to choose the education of their children"
  • Defines Díaz Ayuso as a great autonomist, which represents “the alternative to a bad government of the Nation” and which constitutes a reference in tax cuts, educational freedom and efficient and effective health management
  • It denounces the "asymmetry" that is applied between the left and the right with corruption, and advocates ending the demand for responsibilities with a comparative tort depending on the ideology
  • He warns that, after hearing the sentence to the PNV, Urkullu, who was president when the events happened, gave an explanation and "no one is demanding a responsibility for him to resign or a motion of censure to throw him out"
  • He regrets that "the greatest case of corruption in the history of democracy", the ERE, has been dispatched with "two media days, when the sentence has reached hundreds of years in prison and 800 million euros in embezzlement of public funds"

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