El presidente del Partido Popular, Pablo Casado


  • Casado says that Ábalos "can not continue another day" at the head of the Ministry if it ends up demonstrating that he met with the vice president of Maduro, a fact of "extreme gravity."
  • "If he knew that the Venezuelan vice president was at the airport, the minister should have denounced him," he emphasizes, after remembering that the EU is forbidden that the Chavista leader can step on European soil.
  • He asks Sánchez "which side he is on", whether with Venezuelan democracy or Maduro's tyrant and urges him to receive the legitimate president, Juan Guaidó, as other European leaders have done in Davos.
  • He announces that tomorrow he will accompany the mayor of Madrid and the president of the Community in the reception and delivery of the keys of the city to the Venezuelan president, as well as in the subsequent demonstration of support for his people.
  • He transfers the solidarity of the PP with Venezuelans, who have suffered crimes, exile and misery and calls on Sánchez and his partners to explain the diversion of € 35 million from the Maduro regime to the ambassador to the Zapatero government and now provides services in Miraflores .
  • He questions the socialist president if he is still willing to meet with Torra, who is no longer a valid interlocutor and usurps functions that he cannot hold.
  • Alert that “everything has a limit”, in relation to the announcement of the reform of the Criminal Code and the repeal of the reviewable permanent prison that its Government partners want to carry out.
  • Stresses that the PP will make a firm opposition, but not strident "after" the red lines "exceeded this week, with events that had never occurred.
  • He asks “how are we going to ask our European partners for help” when the Sanchez Executive protects totalitarian regimes, intends to reform the Criminal Code and does not comply with the Supreme Court's sentences.
  • It calls on the Government to comply with the autonomous communities and return the deliveries on account.
  • Urges Sanchez and the Foreign Minister to clarify what is happening with the delimitation of the territorial waters of the Canary Islands, before the claims of the Kingdom of Morocco, and what it is doing with the Ceuta border.
  • Congratulates Madrid for hosting the world's first tourist fair, and advocates for a policy in favor of the sector, against the turismophobia and tax increases that keep us from attracting visitors.


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