The leader of the PP does not admit Sanchez's lessons on pensions and reminds him that the PSOE froze them and broke them, and the PP had to ask for a loan to pay them. "It is hypocritical that the party that has left us cornered when the crisis has tightened, instrumentalize the elderly."

He believes that the forum to talk about the sustainability of pensions is the Toledo Pact and stresses the importance of creating employment in order to guarantee them in the long term.

"If you make electoral announcements and do not explain that the increase is 4 euros per month, it turns out that expectations are being created that cannot be fulfilled later." "This is bread for today and hunger for tomorrow," he says.

Remember that an acting president should not announce a measure related to pensions at a rally because by law this issue is reserved for a government that has full legislative capacity.

Ensures that the PP, in addition to rescuing and unfreezing pensions, revalued them since 2011 by an average of 16%, and before leaving the government, the average pensions rose 1.6% and the minimum and widow's 3%.

Claims "move from the debate of unlocking to the debate of the alternative" that represents the PP because the rest of the parties have said that they would invest or abstain from Sanchez.

He warns that the Consumer Confidence Index has fallen 5 points this month and chains a 17-point drop since Sanchez rules, something very “indicative” because it marks what is bought and consumed, and the crisis that comes, “once again from the left ”.

He urges Sanchez to “negotiate internationally” to avoid tariffs on Spanish products, as France and Germany did with the engine or Macron has done with French champagne.

He says that when he rules, “Spain will once again have a privileged relationship with the United States. to sit down and talk about the problems of the field instead of throwing soflamas ”

It reaffirms the "commitment" of the PP with the field and undertakes to implement the strategy to improve the efficiency of hydraulic infrastructure against droughts and cold drops.

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