Pablo Casado y Alberto Núñez Feijóo

• He warns that “a revisionism of the State of autonomies would be impoverishing”

• Criticizes that today, from Vitoria, Sánchez has gotten involved with Galicia and Feijóo instead of accounting for what happened in the Zaldibar landfill, where there are two missing, and wonders what they would have said to Mariano Rajoy in a similar situation

• Ensures that “Sánchez is obsessed with Galicia” because after negotiating with the Catalan independence workers and with the PNV “now he wants the other historical nationality, which is Galicia, to be also at the service of the independentists and the extreme left”

• He points out that “the PP will not allow Galicia to be a currency of exchange in the rupture sheet of equality at the national level” and denounces that “the unit of the single box to agree the PGE is questioned”

• Question “how can you explain that the Galicians have paid 370 million in taxes and the Government of the nation does not want to pay it back”. "You can not take away from Galicians what is already Galician," he says

• In the act of commemoration of the eleventh anniversary of the arrival of Alberto Núñez Feijóo to the Xunta, he emphasizes that “the PP cannot be explained without Galicia and Galicia cannot be explained without the PP”

• Affirms that “what is played in Galicia has an impact on the rest of Spain” and that is why it is so important to gather the vote in Alberto Núñez Feijóo ”to whom he thanks his“ generosity and responsibility ”

• Ensures that he will defend the interests of Galicia and work for his electro-intensive industry, now that there are 5,000 families “pending the irresponsibility of Sanchez”, to whom he transfers his “closeness” and transmits that he will fight for his future

• Underlines the importance of other productive sectors for this land such as the canning, automotive, shipyard and rural areas for which it requires the Government to negotiate "dog face" in Brussels

• Commits to negotiate tariffs with the US "They are baiting with Spanish wines" and asks for "more international politics in the White House and less with Venezuelan dictators in Barajas"

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