Pablo Casado y Alberto Núñez Feijóo

  • He describes this table as "extraparliamentary and unconstitutional" and stresses that it seeks to break the equality between the Spaniards.
  • He assures not to understand that Sánchez accommodates Iglesias in the commission of the CNI for his ties with dictatorships and describes this decision as “tremendous error”, which will motivate foreign powers not to rely on our intelligence services.
  • "That insomnia that seems to have healed Sánchez does not stop growing among the Spaniards," the leader of the PP ironic, after remembering that in 2016 the president of the Government said that nobody would understand that Iglesias had any responsibility in the CNI.
  • He affects Iglesias to do nothing to "investigate, resolve and punish" cases of child abuse in the Balearic Islands and the Valencian Community, where "the vice president of her electoral alliance is familiarly involved in one of those abuses."
  • "The basic pillar of my project has always been to bring together the space of constitutionalism," says the president of the PP.
  • He emphasizes that the PP and C’s have been able to “forge” for the first time a pre-election coalition and advocates revalidating it in the next general elections so that the fragmentation of the center-right vote does not penalize the formation of Government. "I don't want to wait a third time," he says.
  • He affirms that in Galicia and the Basque Country the model of constitutionalism “that is capable of uniting” will be opposed, compared to that of nationalism and the radical left.
  • "No one can doubt Carlos Iturgáiz's defense of freedoms in the Basque Country, the Constitution, the autonomous state and the European project," says Casado, who thanks Alfonso Alonso for his political career.
  • He is convinced that Núñez Feijóo will revalidate the fourth absolute majority of the PP in Galicia, because "it brings together the entire center and the Galician right."

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