El presidente del Partido Popular, Pablo Casado, durante la la comisión de seguimiento Covid-19

• "Sánchez has had plenty of pride and lacked dialogue," underlines the leader of the PP who affirms: "Madrid and Spaniards must be protected from the Government of Sánchez"

• Complaint that it is a “discretionary” measure against the PP and the Community of Madrid that Sánchez has not applied in Navarra, where he governs with Bildu, nor did he do it in the summer in Aragon, La Rioja or Catalonia

• Reproaches that the Government has not sat down with Madrid to agree on measures while it does so with the Catalan independentists at the Self-Determination Table or with Bildu to negotiate prisoners for Budgets

• Demands Sánchez to appear immediately in the Courts to explain why he has issued an unjust state of alarm, which in any case must be withdrawn as soon as possible, and which until then must have impartial parliamentary control

• Affirms that the Government has been encouraging the “prevarication” to the Community of Madrid to issue an order that the Supreme Court annulled yesterday

• It ensures "to understand the tiredness of citizens with a government installed in command and command, which hides health alerts, manipulates the numbers of deceased and infected and disregards expert committees and judicial decisions"

• “If this Government does not benefit from a law, it threatens to change it, and if it does not like a sentence, it harasses the judges as the vice president is doing in an infamous way, or imposes constitutional exceptionality to the letter of its interests, which is what he did today "

• Criticizes that Sánchez, who went on vacation in August, "has entered a china shop like an elephant for electoral purposes"

• Expresses "the total support of the leadership of the PP to the president of the Community of Madrid and her government, as well as to the rest of the regional presidents and popular mayors, who have managed to better manage the pandemic than the Executive of Sánchez"

• It highlights that the measures adopted by the CAM were being effective as they had managed to reduce the incidence of infections and the pressure from the ICUs by 40% "and they were applauded by Pedro Sánchez and his Minister of Health"

• "There is a Plan B, an intermediate point between washing your hands or imposing an unfair and ruinous state of alarm," says Casado, who asks the president to accept once and for all that an express legislative reform be completed in 15 days to have , finally, an effective legal framework against the virus

• Underlines that "the ball is in Sánchez's court" and asks him to "stop looking for false culprits and imaginary enemies"

• Ironizes the fact that a government characterized by lying in the figures of the pandemic says that only their data are worth. “It is incoherent and worrying. Few Spaniards trust the minister or the spokesman who said that masks were unnecessary "

• Ask the Government why it has not already sent the 6,000 national police officers that the Community has been demanding for a month

• Demands more humility from the Minister of Health of the country with the highest number of infected

• It highlights that with the data that Madrid records today, the capital would not meet the requirements of Illa itself to be closed because it has an incidence of less than 500 infections per 100,000 inhabitants

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