Pablo Casado

The president of the popular, Pablo Casado warns that "or refound the electoral space of center right in Spain" or the PP will not win the general election. "If not," he adds, "it will be very difficult to be an alternative government." It advances that the PP will continue leading the opposition in the Cortes, presenting a request for the suspension of Senator Romeva, in preventive prison for the attempted coup in Catalonia.

Casado points out that the electoral cycle gives a term of 4 years that allows the PP to reinforce a project to win the elections. Considers that "the campaign has been successful", and in which there has been no "turn or sway" with respect to 28A.

It announces that the National Executive Committee has created a negotiating committee composed of Teodoro García Egea, Javier Maroto and Ana Beltrán, to address possible post-election pacts. Reveals that the PP will present all candidates for municipal and regional investiture where they have added and notes that your party will not enter a "distribution of letters", but will respect the order that the Spanish have given in each constituency.

Pablo Casado stressed that "there is a recovery" of the PP and that "the comeback has begun" with almost 700.00 more votes in a month. Stresses that the PP has achieved 2,563 absolute majorities-above the PSOE-and 20,325 councilors, with the possibility of forming a government in five Autonomous Communities, including Navarra, and 23 provincial capitals – two more than in 2015-.

To conclude, Casado emphasizes that in the European elections the result is "positive" because the PP almost doubles the third force in votes and points out that in municipal elections "the recovery of bipartisanship is more evident", since the PP has obtained 14 points above Cs and 20 of Vox and 7 below the PSOE.

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