El presidente del Partido Popular, Pablo Casado


• "We do not want more hunger queues," says the PP leader who demands that Sánchez take measures to reopen the economy.

• Claims to prevent "those ERTE from becoming ERE", because the Government "cannot throw millions of Spaniards into unemployment".

• Demands that the Government choose "between some radical partners, who want to break Spain and its economy, or return to the common sense of the political forces that respect the Constitution."

• He warns Sánchez that "you cannot undo reforms that have allowed creating three million jobs in the last recession and sustaining the welfare state."

• Reproaches the Executive that the repeal of the labor reform is negotiated unilaterally, "without speaking to the unions, nor to the employers' association and with the rest of the political groups." "You cannot market for a handful of abstentions," he says, referring to Bildu's votes in the extension of the state of alarm.

• Calls for measures that abound in economic “competitiveness and flexibility” because “Europe is watching us”. "That liquidity reaches companies and the self-employed, that all ERTEs are paid at once and that there is flexibility in labor, fiscal and bureaucratic obstacles," he claims.

• Thanks textile associations and employers in industry and commerce for “the solidarity work carried out during the pandemic” in the development of protection material. It transfers its support to a sector in which "90% are covered by an ERTE".

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