El presidente del Partido Popular, Pablo Casado, en MERCAMADRID


  1. “We think that they do not have to pay personal income tax nor should their companies pay social contributions. It is a relief for them and you don't have to put any funds on the table. ”

  2. Show your support and thanks to all those anonymous heroes who are allowing us in Spain to not lack the basics.

  3. It claims for the distributors and truckers rest points because they are working in "very hard conditions" and that the hospitality industry can open in those areas.

  4. He wants the Executive to allow the municipalities to use the surplus for social policies and aid to vulnerable families.

  5. He praises the work of the Mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, who has paid tribute to the victims from the Puerta de Alcalá, is watching over the Police, the Civil Guard, and the funeral and emergency services, and has made it clear that "We have the best health service in Europe."

  6. He values ​​the work carried out at Mercamadrid, an "emblem of distribution and food throughout Spain", which is allowing "in times of struggle against the coronavirus nothing is missing in Spanish homes".

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