Casado again reaches out to Rivera with "generosity" to win on the left, he wants to exhaust the road with Cs to compete together and ensures that he wins the 10-N. “The fragmentation of the center-right was lethal last April and the situation has been ungovernable”

He explains that if an agreement is reached with Cs, many deputies will have to give up their position as Álvarez de Toledo has offered to Arrimadas. "The PP puts Spain's interests before its own, as we did in Navarra".

He emphasizes that the PP is open to the scheme that Citizens consider to be better because our union is essential to win to the left. "The important thing is that PSOE, UP and the Errejón platform have fewer votes than those who do not want Sánchez to reach La Moncloa."

He asks Sanchez to get off the “New York cloud” because Spain has an economic, territorial and international prestige problem and wonders if it is responsible to take a country to elections when the first signs of economic slowdown have arrived that “he called cooling. "

“The PP is presented as the moderate party and ideological centrality and pacts that Spain needs because the country is not for jokes and you have to be clear. The PP has proven to be responsible, have a high profile and an unbeatable management experience. ”

After the ruling of the TS on the exhumation of Franco, he shows his respect for the resolutions of the courts but recalls that we must look to the future and regrets that Sanchez is pending on the electoral calendar to put certain issues on the table.

“I would like to be talking about the future of my children and not about the past of my grandparents. I would not spend a euro either to bury it or dig it up. ” "I am more concerned with the dictators alive than the dead and yesterday Sanchez saw a live one."

He affirms that the PP is now focused on coalitions and not on electoral lists and advances that Rajoy as Aznar are available to the Party.

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