Casado alert, after the British elections, of the risk of referendums and assembly processes that lead to "national fractures" and the non-assumption of results that can lead to repeat them indefinitely

  • Transfer respect and congratulations to Boris Johnson for the “overwhelming majority” he has achieved in the elections, but he regrets that Brexit has no turning back because on January 31 the United Kingdom will leave the EU
  • It affects that any change of status of Gibraltar must have the veto or express authorization of Spain, as achieved by the PP Government
  • "The Government knows that it has the PP so that the result is the most favorable for Spaniards and companies based in the United Kingdom, as well as for the British who have permanent residence in our country"
  • He regrets that Sanchez has taken another month to meet him, that he has been “selling and laundering” an agreement signed with Iglesias for four weeks and denounces that Junqueras imposes the claims that ERC will raise
  • He reiterates that the acting President of the Government has the option of his “former partners” as Citizens, with whom he governs in provincial capitals, and the offer of Navarra Suma, provided he breaks his agreement with Bildu in the Foral Community
  • He defends that a Belgian court should not condition the decision of the TS and asks that the Euroorder include the automatic delivery of convicted persons for rebellion or sedition

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