El presidente del Partido Popular, Pablo Casado

Holders of their declarations:

  1. He assures that the pact must be made first by the Government, "agree on effective economic and social measures" and pay the ERTE to the more than 3.5 million workers who have not received it.

  2. It requires an urgent shock plan to alleviate the number of infections, prevent more deaths and the economic damage in unemployed and the closure of companies during the pandemic.

  3. He assures that no de-escalation, nor recovery of economic normality can be guaranteed without massive tests, so he calls for a plan on a national scale.

  4. He insists on demanding extra pay for the toilets, "as he has been asking for more than 10 days, because the number of hours and the risk they have assumed is incalculable" and that essential personnel receive their gross salary, "without pay personal income tax or social security contributions ".

  5. "I am not the only one who finds out from the press what we then have to vote for and approve," he says ironically, referring to Minister Escrivá who today has learned through the media of the Government's intention of the social bond.

  6. Casado: How many deaths could we have avoided if the measures had been taken earlier?

  7. The leader of the PP highlights the report by Fedea that affirms that 60% of the infections would have been avoided, if the state of alarm and confinement had been advanced by a week, and wonders how many lives would have been saved if the authorities had heeded to alerts from WHO, the EU and regional presidents.

  8. "The roofs are fixed when there is sun and the fires are extinguished in winter", emphasizes Casado, to highlight the importance that in the Community of Madrid 12 more public hospitals have been opened, 100 health centers and that the budget has been reinforced and health personnel, in recent years, "because otherwise this effort would have been even greater."

  9. He thanks all the health workers for their efforts, "the best representation of Spanish society, more than half a million people, who have not hesitated for a minute to double their days and expose themselves to save lives" and show their tribute to the 30 professionals who They have given their lives to save their compatriots.

  10. He affirms that the IFEMA hospital is a symbol for the Spanish people and the rest of the world and that this has been recognized by those responsible for the WHO, who have said of him, that it is of the hospital infrastructures that have been created to combat Covid19 of which humanity can be most proud.

  11. Highlights the excellent management of Isabel Díaz Ayuso, who has proven to be a very good manager "in tough times" and praises her closeness, transparency, efficiency and rigor.

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