Holders of their statements before the media after the session in remembrance and tribute to the victims of terrorism:

  • Casado announces a battery of legislative measures to avoid prison benefits to terrorists who do not cooperate with justice, asks that these crimes do not prescribe and criminalize the homage and the convocation of the same.
  • It demands measures so that TVE does not repeat the whitening of a confessed terrorist like Otegi, asks for the appearance of Rosa María Mateo and announces that the PP will not go today to any interview on the public network.
  • He extends his hand to Sánchez so that Navarra does not depend on the heirs of ETA and the "annexation nationalists". "We are willing for the Navarra Suma platform to participate in his inauguration as president of the Government in exchange for his abstaining in Navarra and not depending on the heirs of ETA, Bildu and the annexation nationalism of the PNV and Geroa Bai," he adds.
  • "Bildu can not be given a charter to negotiate governments like Navarra. It is an inheriting party of ETA that has not condemned the criminal history of the terrorist band and that is not participating in the clarification of the 300 murders that go unpunished ", rivets.
  • He affirms that Sanchez's investiture has to be facilitated by "the parties that have something to do with him". "The PP is not only the opposition, but the alternative in Spain, it would not be good for Spain if we were left without an alternative and without opposition," he points out.
  • Ask Sánchez if he agrees to pardon the coup prisoners and if the Supreme Court has to modulate his sentence against them as Zapatero demands. "He can not ask the Constitutionalists to favor his investiture when he does not clarify whether he will pardon those who want to break Spanish democracy," he says.
  • He criticizes former President Zapatero for his statements and trusts that he is not the "rapporteur" that Minister Carmen Calvo spoke of. "He has been wrong in several issues with the terrorism of ETA, when he met with people from Bildu and batasuno environment to call them men of peace. Also in Venezuela. And he is wrong trying to say that the Supreme has to modulate his sentence to do politics and favor dialogue, "he stresses.

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