Pablo Casado y el presidente de ATA, Lorenzo Amor


  • Announces that the PP will demand that the Mesa del Parlament summons a new investiture, advances a complaint against Torra for usurpation of duties and demands that Sanchez force him to comply with the law.
  • Warns that any resolution signed by Torra, such as Budgets, will not have "legal value" and claims to turn the page "to the loop of the process" to talk about health or barracks in Catalonia.
  • "It cannot be that there is a president in open disobedience counting on the complicity of the Government of Spain, whose president owes his position to pacts with independence forces."
  • He compares the case of Torra with the actions of the former mayor of Marbella, convicted of corruption, who did not want to leave office, and affirms that "there can be no discretion depending on whether or not they need the votes of the independentists."
  • He maintains that Junqueras “is not a valid interlocutor either” as he showed yesterday in the Parliament, assuring that he would repeat his crime.
  • He warns that, if the vice president of Maduro moved to another terminal in Barajas, the Government had to have deported her “immediately” because if she had not breached a European Union resolution.
  • Compare the case of Delcy Rodríguez with that of the dictator Pinochet, who landed in the United Kingdom and a Spanish judge claimed his presence for a trial.
  • It demands that Spain comply with the community resolutions and warns that, if it does not, the PP will also act in the EU EU institutions because there can be no impunity or collaboration of the Government for Venezuela to avoid European justice.
  • He affirms that employment is the priority of the PP that advocates to maintain the labor reform “as a highway for the creation of jobs”, and more now that in the economic situation “they paint bastos”.
  • He says that the PP "will not admit fiscal harmonization" and vindicates the employment creation policies of the communities where the PP governs, while considering "curious that Sanchez is so inflexible with Ayuso and so permissive with Torra"
  • He warns that the tax increases announced by the Government "are not realistic because they will not collect what they have said and would destroy employment."
  • It considers a “mistake” to make the autonomous pay according to their benefits and proposes extending the flat rate and two years to the most vulnerable, as well as applying competitive taxation and the elimination of inheritance and donation tax.
  • Explain that the PP is doing a shadow government because "for the duration of the legislature, the next government will be the PP."

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