Holders of their statements before the media:

  • Announces a parliamentary initiative to declare the area affected by the fire in Gran Canaria as severely affected, so that "aid from the Government of Spain can arrive as soon as possible, both to compensate for damage and prevent new fires."
  • He also recalls the PP's proposal to "extend the permanent reviewable prison to crimes referred to as environmental terrorism."
  • Transfer to the national, regional and Cabildo governments, all the support of the PP, as well as the “recognition, thanks and admiration” to the media that have participated in the extinction of the fire and the institutions involved, as well as their solidarity with the neighbors affected.
  • Advances that the PP has submitted, along with Cs, a request in Congress for the President of the Government to explain in plenary about his management of the Open Arms.
  • “The Government has demonstrated with the Open Arms a bad planning when it comes to negotiating and having a leading role in Europe, especially with the Italian government, and some gangs that are the worst message for the mafias, who take advantage of these humanitarian crises to continue exploiting the most fragile link in this drama: immigrants. ”
  • He calls on the Government to be "more responsible in the matter of immigration, to rely on the opposition, and above all not to give these demagogic gangs."
  • He describes as "suicidal recipes for the economy" the offer made yesterday by Pablo Iglesias to the PSOE and says that "if the Socialists have slammed the door to Podemos is by electoral strategy." "That Sanchez says if he wants elections and, if not, that he denies the PGE that he signed with Podemos and that implied a tax increase," he says.
  • He urges Sanchez to answer "what do you think Torra said yesterday that he would hit the legality again and break the relationship."
  • After regretting that the public debt has broken historical records, he criticizes the "triumphant attitude of the Government speaking of good economic health", which recalls the green shoots of Zapatero. "At a time of slowdown it is not normal for the Government to be triumphant," he emphasizes.
  • He asks Sánchez not to hold the rest of the parties responsible for his inability to reach agreements and asks him why what is valid for six autonomies, after the announcement of an agreement with Podemos in La Rioja, is not at the national level.
  • Coinciding with the third anniversary of the murder of Diana Quer, the leader of the PP adds to the pain of his family and the claim of his father on “the validity of the permanent reviewable prison”, and reiterates his proposal to expand for murders with concealment of corpse or after a kidnapping ”.

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