Holders of his intervention:

  • Casado: "My commitment is to unite to win, win to govern and govern to unite Spain"
  • “There is no possibility of replacing the PP as the brain, heart and lung of the Spanish center right”
  • Announces an Agenda for a New Majority focused on employment, the rule of law and territorial unity. “We have to change government and politics before the crisis is again a hard reality”
  • "I want a more expanded, more popular, integrative PP, recognizable by moderation, responsible for defending their own positions and the system we all share"
  • He proposes that “the PP acts as the great main square of reasonable Spain, which wants to live together, even if it does not share its ideas, and where everyone can feel recognized and welcomed”
  • Bet on "leading a focused majority and with a calendar of national ambitions to fulfill, aimed at offering the Spaniards the tranquility and progress they want" and rejecting "sanitary cords, tactical exclusions and opportunistic games"
  • Before the division of the center-right demands "to go from nostalgia and regret to practical politics and to make politics to win, and that happens by joining at the polls a vote that ideologically may not be identical"
  • Question “what sense has it had to disrupt the voting unit around the PP and maintain the electoral, impoverishing and paralyzing fracture of this last year”
  • Notes that in a year it has been passed from a government of the PP, which approved the PGE, to an Executive unable to promote a legislative agenda
  • Ask to overcome divisions in the center right to build agreements "within the parties and between the parties." "That we are not equal cannot mean that we remain slaves to our differences," he says.
  • "If the price of maintaining a difference is that Spain remains in the hands of a government like the one we have suffered, then that difference does not deserve to be defended"
  • He maintains that the Spaniards already know the differences that separate serious State policy, with experience and management capacity, from unpredictable, impulsive, rooted and full of uncertainties policy of Pedro Sánchez
  • He claims that in these elections "do not vote to return to the 80s, with a socialism that wins and ruins Spain because its alternative is divided and unable to offer a solid project"
  • Transfer the recognition of the PP to the work of the Civil Guard for the arrests made in Catalonia against members of a CDR who possessed material to commit terrorist attacks. “This is an issue in which all constitutionalists must go hand in hand”

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